Olympia, WA

I'm back off of hiatus, and I'm releasing an album!
These are all of the tracks that I made while thinking about my life, and weather or not to end it.
I'm just glad to be back making music regularly again.

Please enjoy it!


PS: I started up a new side project here:
If you want to keep up with my other experiments.


I've been working my way through your bandcamp lately and absolutely loving it. Keep up the good work smile

Also, yay Eastern Washington! The Walla Walla/Tri-cities area is a chip wasteland, so far as I can tell.

Edit: The Bieber quotes...I fucking lol'd so hard

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Awesome work man, awesome.
Keep up the work, and keep putting out music.
Whatever you've been through, I hope music can help getting you out of it.

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New York

I'm glad you're back to making music again too.

Everything you do is absolutely phenomenal


You're a genius. I can't say that enough.