Florianópolis-SC, Brasil

Reading through a post on cm.o (Any germans here? to be scecific), I've realised it would be easier for people to meet if there was a feature like one from where interesting gigs are displayed in google maps. I don't know how it could work (although the maps part is pretty easy).

Why I think it would be helpful:

- new members on cm.o, on the scene in general and lurkers would find chipmusic events in an easier way
- members from places with a scarce scene would be able to define a radius of maximum distance from a point (say, you're from some country in europe with almost no scene, but you can afford going to some distant places)
- mostly it.

What do you guys think?


i like this idea.

matt's mind

i'm not that familiar with google maps,

do the events go away from the map once they've happened?
does some 'real' person need to approve the postings, or is it an open group type thing where anyone can post?
isn't there already a map that is exactly like this somewhere else?  i swear there is one somewhere... i just didn't bookmark it

(just considering it from a staff perspective)  if there is maintenance involved in any kind of substantial level, this might be the deal breaker.  otherwise i like the idea too.  unless the map is really just another google spy in some way


Youd need to mash up google maps and gcal to get that functionality. Whether or not past events disappear is an option of whatever tool youd decide to use.


This would be super helpful. I would be willing to help with it.

Florianópolis-SC, Brasil

Like herr_prof said, it's just a matter of configuration if the map display's past events or not. And actually, I believe a lot of stuff can be done with not much maintenance required. If this page was made in C# I could do it in less then 5 hours probably.