I'm having troubles to make run the driver on Windows 8, so decided to restore and old Toshiba Libretto with Win98SE on it for use to backup my SAV files. But I can't make this driver run on Win98SE and reading the .inf file seems to be ok for this old windows.
Anyone have a clue?

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I dunno if it helps, but if you have a Transferer II (for the old blue 32mb EMS smart carts) you can use that with the 64mb EMS. No idea how to get the GB program for the newer EMS to work on windows 98 though.

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Try installing Windows XP to that Laptop.  It should hopefully be able to handle it (at least for these purposes).  If drivers are a problem, Windows XP is the best solution.  Just a thought.


If he has a Toshiba Libretto with W98 installed I won't think it wil ever run WXP...

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windows 8 isn't a supported operating system for the cart.  that's most likely why you're having issues (drivers aren't updated yet for that OS)

someone got theirs to work, i don't remember how though....  its on this site somewhere though

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Windows 8

well, there's your problem
edit for sarcasm

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Thanks all for your answers!
The thing is that with Windows 7 starting with "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" it worked great, now with Windows 8 I have a new Blue Screen of Death when it tries to read the cartridge.
Windows XP is an option, luckily the Libretto is 233MHz and has 64MB of Ram, but as they are the minimum requirements to run XP wanted to try first with 98 that runs great on it.
Saskrotch I used to have an old E-Merger reader and cart that run on 98, but I sold it and bought another USB cart =/
Will keep you posted if I find something.