Matthew Joseph Payne

These are things that need some love to work, but are sufficiently rare to make them worth the effort and $$. I no longer have the time to work on them, nor the pressing need for them, so they're looking for a new home.

International shipping is negotiable, but will cost extra.

In case you're still stumped by all this "someone" nonsense, you can click on my name and be taken to my profile where the PM button still works.

Photos are at[email protected] … 140522963/

GBA with video output thingie - these we're sold commercially for a bit and are way hard to find. I bought this from someone on cm.o a LONG time ago intending tonuse it for visuals and LSDJ demos/tutorials, then moved and forgot about it. When I tried to use it, I got scrambled video. Finally traced the problem to a ZIF connector that isn't working properly. There's probably a solution to this but I don't have time to find it

The GBA works perfectly and is in great shape, but the back has been replaced with the alternate back used with the video cable. Still works with batteries, but there is no battery cover. I don't have the original back.

I'm sending it disassembled as you see it (the bag doesn't currently have tri-wing screws in it, but those WILL be included as well).

$50 shipped CONUS

USB cart programmer - everybody's favorite circuit. I built this to use with ASM's MCB5 carts, but now I have four DnD carts, so I'll never get around to debugging this contraption. It powers p but computers won't recognize it. My soldering is quite clean and I continuity tested the fuck out of this thing before I have up on it.

I had the circuit board printed by a gentleman overseas and bought the parts from Jameco (they're local to me). The ATMEL chip is good, it responds to my programmer just fine. I have a couple more FTDI ships I could throw in, just in case that's the problem.

Comes with four ASM MCB5 carts in original Nintendo cart cases - two green "prototype" units and two clear "production" units. All the carts work great and have LSDJ loaded, so ai'll need to see proof of license if you buy this. The carts are unused and sell for $38 new.

$200 shipped CONUS




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