IanO is an italian chipmusic producer.
IanO play electronic music that sounds like heavy rock.
IanO do it through Nintendo Gameboy chipsound abuse.

Gazer is his first release.
Gazer is the god of chaos.

Bitshifter, Stern Fucking Zeit, Danimal Cannon, Zef, Analog, Buskerdroid, Godinpants, Shitbird and all the Datathrash crew: hail to your majesty and endless inspiration!

Big thanks to Victory Road and Frostbyte for precious advice on recording!



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ahahah smile april fool...
need to wait tomorrow for proper link...

bump cause finally I uploaded proper cover image and yesterday link wasn't working right!

Thrashers, punks and headbangers take a listen please!

I fucking love this release!

dig it, well fleshed out release. good variety and programming

I was expecting a bit more. However, sweet logo!

Thank you all for your support!

Heosphoros wrote:

I was expecting a bit more. However, sweet logo!

I'm still learning music and programming techniques so I hope to improve like last year I did.
Canadians are the best in chip metal, hope to reach your awesomeness one day!

Did you know free download is available now? wink