anyone want to sell me an infinity cart? i will buy it from you.

were these ever publicly released?

i might just be having a total brain failure, but this is basically the farthest i think the project got (an intro-esque page):

someone please correct me if i'm wrong.  in fact, nonfinite can answer this!  he was bleepbloop distro person around this time...

maybe he'll chime in wink

I email him asking about these not too long ago and never received a response.


From what I understand these sometimes had save corruption issues, and I'm not sure if it's the fault of LSDJ when the cart existed or the cart itself. Super curious.

These became bleepbloop v2 with USB. Or so I'm told.

do they have fram?

Bleepbloop v2 didn't. Honestly if this was made by José I would be surprised if he just made a board and soldered a bunch of chips on to make it look good. I'd be willing to bet that these never made it anywhere near production.

But that's just all hearsay. Ask nitro2k01.

The others don't have fram, and they have low battery capacity, so it's probably not what you're looking for. The infinity cartridges didn't work because he was trying to use a microcontroller for the multiple ram chips. Not enough R&D with that cartridge.

I'm sure you know already, but the derp cartridges have non-volatile ram on one chip stepped down to 3.3v, so there's no additional components for it.

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double post

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haha, I remember when it was called the Dungeons & Dragons cart.  I was supposed to be a beta tester and get one for free.  I was excited. sad

I'd suggest to lean towards a Drag n Derp

+1 for drag n derp...

i'm pretty sure the infinity was vaporware