Hey everyone,

Just letting you all know that my new album is out.

It's a 7 song concept album composed with and for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Heosphoros (formerly OBE/L'Obe) is a chipmusic project that begun in early 2005, inheriting François Martin’s previous songwriting experience, initially composing MIDI tracks, starting in 2002.

Blending an array of styles, focusing mainly on progressive rock / metal genres, Heosphoros creates what is best described as a truly original, yet astoundingly creative type of chipmusic, pushing the hypothetical walls of the 2A03 to it’s absolute extreme. Creating tracks mainly using the software emulated NES chip tracker FamiTracker, Heosphoros has tweaked the use of this program in aid of creating such a truly diverse and original style, arguably firming his place in chipmusic originality.

You can listen to it in three different formats.

Streamable/MP3/Other Download:

NSF (Nintendo Sound Format):
The .nsf itself:
NSF Player for Windows:
NSF Player for MAC:

The .nes itself:
NES Emulator for Windows and MAC:


Wasn't this already released? Because I already have it.


Release of the Year, every year.

But seriously, it's kind of officially released now. Not any different than the version you currently have. There's just a bit more promotion behind it now, I suppose.

Hoboken, NJ

Listening now. This album scorches!


This shit is the bomb and everyone should download it.

Austin, TX

this is actually one of my favorite chip albums, keep it uuuup fraaaaank heart

Planet Zaxxon

nice nice !!! downloading now !!

astral cat

as i said in two other threads for this, fucking great!

astral cat

bump cause i'm listening to it right now and you all should be too!!

Milan, Italy

Thanks for the bump!!