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1-BIT WIZARDS - The Journey Begins

Available as mp3 and tap/scl (for emulators and real hardware)

After 1,5 years of wasting away on various hard drives, we finally present you this epic beast of a compilation. 13 unique ZX Spectrum beeper tracks, made by 8 different artists from all around the globe. Styles range from 70s Electronica to Blues, with an emphasis on Prog/Rock stuff. Enjoy!


01 TDM - Foltrax               
02 MISTER BEEP - 1-bit synthetic - part 2   
03 MIND BODY ALPHA - Cruisin' with the Bit   
04 FACTOR6 - Thirty               
05 IRRLICHT PROJECT - galaxzija-10       
06 FLUIDVOLT - Paper Toy Under Glass       
07 WARLORD - Rock bottom           
08 MIND BODY ALPHA - Ballad of the Undead Gipsy   
09 IRRLICHT PROJECT - magitex-cx       
10 FACTOR6 - Thirty-One               
11 SHIRU - Restless Fighter           
12 MISTER BEEP and TDM - Insane Organist*   
13 FLUIDVOLT - Razorblade Blues   

* mp3 version only

ZX Spectrum artwork by Trixs
tap/scl version by Shiru
mp3 mastering by Mister Beep


heart mind body alpha




thanks for hyping!

i was hoping this would happen with the new site but its taking me a while to move all the releases. must stop playing computer games ::::::::::::::::::


This is a surprise, I've had 'Foltrax' (my favourite 1-bit track ever) on my computer since 2009! Looking forward to hearing the rest.

NC in the US of America

Oh boy! This couldn't come at a better time for me. heart heart heart


Glad to see there's still somewhat of an interest in 1-bit music out there big_smile This release is fantastic


good work here, from what ive heard so far. 1bit stuff is tough for me to listen to but i still enjoy and appreciate it. thanks for tking the time to corrale all these artists together for a right proper beepercomp.

vancouver, canada

gave this a listen!  i realized that my ears can only take so much 1-bit at a time, so it was a little challenging to listen through the whole album in one go.  but there's some really surprisingly awesome composition packed into this compilation!

Nomad's Land

Thanks y'all for the heart wink

Stevens wrote:

This is a surprise, I've had 'Foltrax' (my favourite 1-bit track ever) on my computer since 2009! Looking forward to hearing the rest.

Hehe yeah it's one of my alltime favourites, too. That's why I just had to include it, even though it's so old.

NC in the US of America

This was really cool. It was a lot more fleshed out than I was expecting. I was a bit confused by the directory structure of the zip folder... The mp3 download unzipped to a folder with the .tap files and another zip which THEN unzipped to the actual mp3s? haha. That was fun.