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Demo LSDj - … ki-pd-c-a1

Dont say I never gave you anything.


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jefftheworld wrote:

It's also obvious that LEFT+ RIGHT and UP + DOWN are difficult or impossible to do physically.

what if you had a custom d-pad that wasn't all one piece of plastic?


then you might just as well go for a custom button, as you will have to do a button mod anyways.
just my opinion though

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IndigoChild wrote:

Im thinking if you could add some sort of analogue resister that you can change with the contrast wheel while holding B+A that would be ideal for LSDJ, But this is strictly thinking about LSDj

B+A is already used for erasing notes and such. Holding B then hitting A will execute this operation. Maybe something like Holding A and tapping B instead to cycle through colors might work for you.