im currently building up my music equipment. and i want a sort of device that can make very deep, bassy boom sounds. you know, basically that sample thats over every generic techno remix.
but i dont know what kind of device i need for that. i cant get a bassy enough sample on the gameboy for my tastes (feel free to point me to a good one), and i dont want to / cant spend a lof of money for it. i would just like to avoid mixing it in via software, as i want my whole setup to work without a pc.

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Do you want a bass drum machine or a synth to make basslines? Could you point to an example for us to better understand exactly what you want.

at about 7:40
a bass drum machine would be fine though a thing that can do both would be dope ( i highly doubt i could afford it though haha)

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For cheap drum pads:
Korg nanoPAD: $59.99 USD
Korg padKontrol: $169.99 USD

For a cheapish bass machine:
Korg Volca Bass: $149.99 USD

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i just heard a kick drum at 7:40?

the most boomy kick drums in lsdj are probably made with the wav channel on synth mode in manual (rather than looping the frames) and a pitchy p command. experiment with different settings!

or get a drum machine?

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fart on a snare drum with a surface mic and pitch shift it down three octaves.


seeing the prices of drum machines, i think ill try experimenting with lsdj further tongue

or getting a surface mic lol

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Try this patch

Pitch: C-5 -> C-8
Manual Triangle/Sine wav, (whatever one it is)
Envelope: 30
P:E4 on 0
And kill on 08

If you want a reall boomin kick, manual edit the wav and add clipping 4 places to the right by 3 pixels and 4 or so pixels wide
And modify the table to have an F01 on 01