Nottingham, UK

Two years ago a friend and I wrote and recorded an album under the name "Toriningen".
However, I suffer from extreme procrastination and never actually released the album. After playing one mildly successful show (in which we were billed as "Geek DJ's"), we moved apart and the project, as it stood, has come to a halt.
After sitting on the tracks for something well over a year,we've decided to release them.

There's up's, there's downs. Frankly I think there's some right crackers on it.  As well as two quite obvious "myfirstlsd.mp3" tracks.

Enjoy. Or not.

"Explosive", "compelling", "Easily the best thing since Tchaikovsky".

LSDJ,  FB01, SID, Guitar ect.

Track List:
1. I
2. Toriningen
3. Boxcutter
4. Cutback Drop Turn
5  V
6. Kyubey
8. Bumbleclart
9. Two Cracked Ribs and a Collapsed Lung
10.True End (Short Ver.)

Bonus alternative art:

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