Hi mates,
Today I have something special for you.  And the best thing? It is for free!
In 2007 I made a track called "the waste manager" with my friend and music mate Peter Hedderley. 
At that time, the Stylophones was re-released world-wide (previously from the 70's).
Peter knew the little device from his childhood.  And I often saw them in older YouTube videos
like Kraftwerk and many others.
After we had ordered two of them, we started to jam with them. Then, I had an idea and programmed
the background melody with my DAW. Then we played along with the Stylophones  it in a duett.
The track "The Waste Manager" was born.  A good friend of ours works in an town office nearby
as a waste manager. The track was dedicated to him. Why? Well, he is the REAL "Waste Manager".
We only played this track live for a little audiance at my birthday party. But now I have re-recorded it
and release it under the Duality Micro title - for free. The track should be played - it would be too
much of a pity if it were simply to sit in my archive and nobody would listen to it.
So download your copy of this release and I hope you enjoy it.

https://evadeanddualitymicro.bandcamp.c … manager-ep

- the waste manager is written by
  Manfred Reckers & Peter Hedderley and is dedicated to Gerd Schmitjans

Many Greetings, fReD from

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This is wonderful.


Oh thank you very much.
Greetings fReD