Nevermind I got it!  I did some sleuthing in Genskmod (CPU>Debug>Genesis>SoundYM2612>looked at Channel 6) and I found the samples were played back at 13357Hz (Galaxy Force 2) - thats really fucking strange because i thought they were all in like 8000, 16000, 32000 etc.  I think Deflemask needs a new option!  But yea... I found the data by importing the .bin rom in Audacity with import raw data > Unsigned 8bit PCM, no endianness, sampleRate at 13357Hz.  They are towards the end of the data - weird stuff!

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Only a new option in DefleMask exclusively for 13357hz will not be really useful, as is only used in Galaxy Force 2.

I should explain a little more, because some people could think that adding support for 13357hz is only to add "13357" in some part of the code. xD

Sound playback routines are running at a specific, unique and arbitrary update rate, in all games, so they only support one or few sample playback rates, this is like this because you have to sync all of the audio commands with the sample playback all at the same time. You have to put a metronome-like thing to keep things parallel, this will freeze your choices of speed to that speed or multiples of that speed.

DefleMask has a Genesis sound engine inside, of course, so it supports specific frequencies, they are a lot for sure and the most common frequencies used by lot of brands back in the day btw.

What you should do when you find a frequency not supported?, simply re-sample it, going upwards, to the closest freq: 13347hz->16000hz will do the job.
WavePad and Audacity are my choices for this type of things.

Lot of people asked me to add auto-re-sampling, so you will be able to load any rate and it will be automatically converted, this could be done, but I didn't add this because it will require a lot of code and results will be always worst than using an external, dedicated and specific Audio Editors.


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Hey Delek - I understand now and did upsample them.  My reasoning for wanting to "tune" the sample rate is that there is a certain character to sample rates...  Like the low MHz warble of Skitchin or the sample rate switching for the bass drum and snare in Wolverine's Admantium Rage.  A slider would be nice but that does seem hard as fuck to implement now that you explained it.  Maybe some kind of lookup table could let you add a slider to the rate?  Sorry - I'm the dude who will bug you to be able to split the sample channel into 4 seperate channels like Skitchin lol.  Sorry in advance - amazing tracker you have there.  smile


Can someone make a Video tutorial about this now? It could be VERY VERY useful, i managed to get to the point where i have to check the rates and all that but i am pretty confused from here since there are multipable channels, as soon as i import it it gives just earrape noise so i can't understand from where to go from here.