Planet Zaxxon


Cerwin Vega CVM-1022

4 Mic/line inputs (with inserts on channel 1 and 2)
2 sets of stereo inputs
Aux sends, 1/4 inch for main outs
Tape in/Tape out (RCA), headphone out

I bought one used from Guitar Center in excellent condition for $80. They sell for $150 new

Ease of Use

Very easy to use and the layout is similar to any other mixer you have probably seen. Everything is pretty straight forward.


Excellent price for what are getting. Yes it is a little bit more money than other brands with these same features, and there are no built-in effects, but it's design and quality is worth it.


Easily bought online, or sold at SAM ASH stores (new)


I like the build quality of it. The knobs are solid/tight. This mixer is my main one for gigs now and I have no problems/issues with it's design or quality.


It's a standard mixer design.  I do like how there are no faders/sliders and just knobs. I feel faders can be easily knocked and moved when performing live by accident. The knobs are great since they tend to be more "stable."


Small and compact! Approximately 10in by 12 in. I gig with a 61-key keyboard case. It fits my 49 key synth and this mixer and all cabling/direct boxes, etc no problem.


Very portable, but only runs on power supply provided.

Sustainability (Batteries, Tapes, Etc.)

Only runs on provided power suppoly.

Sync-ability (MIDI Clock, DIN Sync, Clock Trigger)


Compliancy (USB Device, MIDI Device, OS X/Win, x86/PPC)

No digital/usb/sync features.

Integration (CV Control, MIDI Data)


Ease of Modification


Personal Experiences

I've gigged out twice with it so far and will continue to do so. It sounds great, has a nice EQ section and I enjoy it most because of it's size. For anyone looking into a small compact mixer and need 4 mic level inputs (and/or 2 stereo inputs), I recommend checking out the Cerwin Vega CVM-1022. However I do have one small gripe with this mixer. The "CTRLROOM/PHONES" output and the "MAIN L/R" outputs are not independent of each other. So this means if you wanted to bring your own monitors to have on stage, and send a stereo signal to the house sound it can be a little inconvenient.  In order to have any signal be sent out of the "CTRLROOM/PHONES" the "MAIN L/R" has to be turned up. The "CTRLROOM/PHONES" output must be feeding off the main output. The work around is to just use the MAIN OUTS for your monitors and turn up the mains to your liking, then turn up the "CTRLROOM/PHONES" output until the soundguy is happy with the incoming signal.

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