Planet Zaxxon

Just got one of these and it rules. Super small and sounds great.

Mackie 402VLZ3 Compact Mixer Review
2 Mic/line inputs (with stereo link button)
1 set of 1/4 stereo inputs
1 set of 1/4 stereo outputs (balanced or unbalanced)
Tape in/Tape out (RCA), headphone out

Ease of Use
Very easy to use and the layout is similar to any other mixer you have probably seen. Extremely simple and straight forward design.

A nice price for the quality of what you are getting. $99 NEW everywhere (for the VLZ4 model though, same mixer with different color combos) Or you can find them used for about $50-$60.

Easily bought online, or sold at all the main music retailers.

It's built pretty solid. Wouldn't hesitate one bit to make it my main gigging mixer.

It's a nice simple design, everything is right there for you.

Super small and compact! Will easily fit in your backpack.

Extremely portable, but only runs on power supply provided.

Sustainability (Batteries, Tapes, Etc.)
Only runs on provided power supply.

Sync-ability (MIDI Clock, DIN Sync, Clock Trigger)

Compliancy (USB Device, MIDI Device, OS X/Win, x86/PPC)
No digital/usb/sync features.

Integration (CV Control, MIDI Data)

Ease of Modification

Personal Experiences
Sounds great and it is super compact. It is ideal for live performers who need one stereo source for their main audio, and 1 other stereo source for a backup source or something else to use in conjunction with your main audio feed. However, the 2nd set of stereo inputs does not have any EQ knobs. That is pretty much the only thing I could negatively say about this mixer. But for someone who wants to play keyboard/synth live over a backing track coming from a computer/gameboy, etc then it would be ok. You would just be able to EQ one source only. Still a great quality mixer!


The one thing i like about mackies versus other budget mixers is that you have a little boost after 12 oclock if you need it when playing out. It may illustrate my deficiencies as a engineer, but playing out live with one got way easier versus other budget mixers when dealing with strange sound at clubs.