Chicago, IL

I'm working with a band and I had a cool idea for a synth backing track. I am just not sure how to get the sound.

The synth at 0:32

I know I'll get shit about it being seapunk or whatever. I don't care what you think is cool or not.
I'm just stumped at how its done. Kinda drawing a blank.

Its a basic square/triangle with delay and reverb and portamento (right?). Mine just isn't coming out like I want.

I'm in post-pro now, and I'm just kicking around different ideas. I'm not getting paid much for the gig so if it doesn't work then I'll forget it. But its aggravating that I can't get it.


Gosford, Australia

yeah, detuned squarewaves with slight PWM and maybe a LP filter too
might have a chorus effect in post?