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So, a friend of mine has offered for me to borrow his megadrive to make chiptunes, and I'm keen to take up the offer, but it hit me that I really have no idea how... In fact, I'd never seen a megadrive until he offered! hmm
So, I have a few questions, and if you could answer them I would appreciate it heaps! big_smile

1. How does one compose the chiptunes? I've tried out deflemask, and I'm guessing that's the go?!
2. In what format should it be exported? I know NES has .nsf, but no idea for megadrive...
3. How do you get the megadrive to play it?! obviously via an everdrive, but how!??!?
4. Is there a live-friendly way of playing back tunes?
5. FM tips/tutorials anyone?

also, any other tips/advice for running a megadrive would be appreciated! big_smile
Thanks for putting up with my minimal knowledge!


1: VGM Music Maker is another tracker for the Sega Mega Drive made by Shiru, but he doesn't host links to it anymore. Here's a mirror of VGM Music Maker, along with TFM Music Maker and VGM2TFI. The balance between the PSG and FM chips in this is a little off, but it is otherwise a very good tool.
2: That would be VGM.
3: DefleMask has a ROM exporter built in, but if you decide on using VGM MM, this should be what you're looking for. I have read somewhere that it has some issues with VGM MM's VGM files, but I don't remember if a fix exists.
4: I don't know, I don't do live stuff.
5: Here's a ton of patches from Sega Mega Drive games. They could be useful for you.

Hope that helps!


Trackers alternative... FMDrive VST(YM2612) & SPSG VST (SN76489) smile
Output can be converted into VGM then into a ROM...
4. live playing can be achieved via GenMDM interface.
I have added new presets to my preset pack linked above too smile
6. FMDrive & SPSG Manuals are complete resources to familiarize.

Audio demos here >> … drive-spsg

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I second the FMDrive VST. I've been using it since it's release and couldn't recommend it enough. The ease of use and full range of capabilities of the YM2612 is worth the money you'll spend.

Here's one of the songs I've made with it for my drone/noise project. This is exclusively FMDrive.

This song is a mix of FMDrive and Famisynth (The PSG VST wasn't out when I wrote it.) with drum samples.


Oh yeah, I forgot about FMDrive.
I recommend that too, even though I haven't used it. It sounds excellent, and it is probably very good for live stuff.
Here's a tune Yuzo Koshiro (!!) made with it.

I really should get both FMDrive and Super PSG...