Thanks ant1 for the tutorial! I've tried it out, and I've got a song out of it which I'll probably use on BotB as soon as I have a couple of issues ironed out with it.

I've found a strange error that detunes some of the arps I use in the song when I convert to song into a .sid. Also, know any good ways to delete swm files? i'm looking to sort out the arp issue but I've run out of save space on the .d64 I'm using to make a new save hmm

vice comes with a utility called c1541.exe that lets you manage d64 images

run it and type "help" or look in the vice docs

Thanks, I just sorted out the noob arp error and now thanks to c1541 I have space to save, and exported the corrected file to sid, hooray!

nice one buddy! hope to see your song in winter chip!

damn, thank you!

Why is this still not a sticky?

This tutorial is great, it helped me get started in SID Wizard...just thought I'd ask here If you have used Sid wizard in Vice, save the tunes to an SD card, and then use an S2diec to read the tunes on a real commodore 64? Just wondering if there are any issues with creating on the emulator, and using a C64 with the tunes? I'm about to buy an S2DIEC and would like to know if anyone else is doing this with SID wizard tunes (swm files)? thanks!

Hi everybofy, I've found lots of problems for saving tunes in Sid Wizard 1.7. I have a SD2IEC on my C64C with a SwinSid Inside. Well... the first track and progressive versions of it are saved but during the creation of a second idea I've noticed that it was impossible to store any progression of the work in terms of patterns mainly ( the sounds are well saved ) but no notes or other kind of datas and when I try to load the last saving what I get is just file with no new parts ( new patterns ) do You have any suggestions for this issue ? Thanx !!!