Like oh so many, I am also new to this forum and have recently cultivated an interest in DMG modding.  Admittedly, I have little experience with electronics, circuitry, and the like, but I'm using my affinity for music (chip and otherwise) as a shoving off point as it were.
I know you've all probably heard that song before...

In the past, I have made what seems to be collectively referred to as "fake chip," but would love to experiment with and incorporate some real hardware into my setup so that I can get not only the knowledge, but the genuine sound as well.  I'm most familiar with DAW software, so ideally, I would like to fashion a MIDI-based rig that uses a DMG as a synthesizer.

In any case, if there any who would be generous enough to indulge another novice, I have a question regarding the infamous pro-sound mod.  All sites which sell the mod (i.e. ASM Retro, Nonfinite, Kitsch-Bent, etc.) present options of either an 1/8" jack or RCA.  I ask because most audio hardware I use or have used in the past takes either 1/4" or XLR.  Sure, I could buy an adapter, but it seems that for my particular applications, it would be loads more convenient to have a 1/4" jack at the ready.

If this is possible/practical?  If so would anyone be willing to lecture this noob?
I am aware that the appropriate literature exists somewhere, but I find manuals and compendiums of information to be a little intimidating and have difficulty absorbing what is immediately applicable.  For myself, personal tutelage has always been the most permanent and efficient method.

Thank you one and all!

matt's mind

i've got 1/4" kits here:

works just fine!  a whole bunch of people do the mod this way,

our 'custom dmg cases' have a squared off corner which makes it a bit easier to fit the jack for this mod into the case, if that interests you.

and, in regards to how to hook it up (compared to the other ones you mention), its all still the same principle.  because this is a stereo 1/4" jack, both LEFT, RIGHT, and GROUND all go to this one jack.  its essentially the 1/8" mod, just a bigger plug


Excellent news!  I wish I had noticed that earlier.  I've got an 1/8" kit on the way, but there's no reason I can't pick one of these up too.

Thank you for being both quick to respond and for being succinct.  It's much appreciated!