Well, not actually a release, because it is a ZX Spectrum 48Kb program, but still the recordings have been added on the bottom of the text, so...



This is a 1-bit / BEEPER music collection for
unexpanded ZX Spectrum 48K platform.
The demo contains 3 fully digital 1-bit songs, 3 channels based.
Composed on SampleTracker 2.1.

People complains sometimes that there is too few pop-song
for BEEPER. So here you are several more, now.
I don't usually make this style in my Beeper songs, so I tried
to make something similar to popular AY or Amiga tunes.

"M" key for music. "Q" key to quit and go to the next part.

The music-collection has been made in 02.2014.


Music and gfx converting by MISTER BEEP

Code by TK90X FAN


While listening make the trebles low, in your hi-fi. Unless you use
Spectrum +2A/+2B/+3, then probably you don't need it.

Here is the soundtrack, recorded from real hardware (trebles have
been made lower to a degree) -
01. Automatic Girlfriend
02. Stellar Cruiser Assault
03. Hypervelocity Stars

Sevilla, Spain

Dude, I love this, I'm always impressed whith this ways of squeeze out this kind of sounds out of a beeper smile

  • Automatic girlfriend: I dig the disco beat. The mp3 sounds way better than the soundcloud post? =S

  • Stellar cruiser assault: a 90's vibe from a uptempo track. I love the hard sound of the drums and the middle track break (1:30).

  • Hypervelocity stars: Nice start of the track, deep bass. I miss a little bit a hihat sound. The orchhits just reaffirms the 90s feel.

I'm going to repost this on CulturaChip forums smile

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Thanks mate. smile smile

Yes, you are right, the recordings have been slightly EQ-ed, with getting the trebles lower.

The funny thing is, I had to do this in order to make them sound 100% exactly like it sounds from my Timex2048 and regular Creative crap speakers (while I'm composing, haha). smile

So that is how it sounds at my home. wink

Jackson, MI

Really dig this, wish I had the hardware to experience it *for real*~


Thanks man. smile

And by the way, you would have to be an owner of some crap loudspeakers because then it would actually sound the best, haha. smile

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South Jersey, USA

This is absolutely amazing. Also kind of reminds me of the finest releases on 20kbps records. I'm looking forward to hearing more!


Thank you. smile
But for now I think I will return to chiptune music, for a while. smile
Nevertheless there will be some time for SampleTracker too, I am sure. smile smile

Nomad's Land

Whoops, seems I didn't show my support for this release yet. This is some seriously awesome stuff! Especially digging Stellar Cruiser Assault and Hypervelocity Stars. Best beeper I've heard in a while.


Cheers, Irrlicht! smile
I do appreciate your kind words.
(AND - I wait for your new 1-bit album by the way, haha wink ).

Yes, it is a problem with 1-bit music. You have not actual volumes. Hence - I was not able to add the hi-hat: it would be SO loud that it would 'cover' all the rest of the music. sad  I tested it then. I had to resign from hi-hats at all, in the demo.

Thank you once again, you are most kind.

Best regards,


I just have to drop in and say: these jams are superb, and like others have said, I wish I had the hardware to experience this in all its glory.


This. is. fantastic. I've really enjoyed your previous releases and this is absolutely no different. Great work, man.

matt's mind
Note! wrote:

This. is. fantastic. I've really enjoyed your previous releases and this is absolutely no different. Great work, man.

want to echo this.  wonderful stuff!  echoooooooooo (wonderful!!!!)

(as an aside to the music, adding a direct download link was awesome, i had forgotten how nice it was not to have to go to a bandcamp page first to grab the source from within the download)


Thank you so much, my friends - it's nice to know that people appreciate old good Spectrum48. smile
This machine CAN be useful sometimes, if operated well. wink wink wink wink