Finally I dusted my TIMEX SINCLAIR 2068. It is a very rare ZX Spectrum 48K clone, coming from America.

Sadly for full ZX compatibility, or for compatibility with Timex Computer 2048, it requires a special cartridge (I do not have it, regretfully), but some software still works without it, after all.

I tested several chiptune songs made in several different 1-bit / BEEPER engines. The engines are accessible in the newest "BEEPOLA" program.

SAVAGE works very very fast. Almost in a non-acceptable way. What is strange – it still maintains the correct pitch. Ha.

Corrected MUSIC BOX from Beepola (the version working properly with drum, after compiling) actually does not work at all. The songs are lacerated somehow. I was able to recognize the original songs in those ‘stumps’ but only because I know my tunes.
A pity anyway.

Phaser1, Octode and Qchan work perfectly well. I do not know any matters related with hardware, however I could swear there were no “contention” ugly effects in Qchan and Octode. So – considering this and the fact that Timex 2068 sound quality is very good, I even consider recording some my songs from the machine. To get it to work finally. wink

PS: As for my experiments made in 2010, we know that also The Music Synth and SampleTracker 2.0 work perfectly well.

PS.2: The Walkman player was my equivalent of the tape-recorder / data mass-storage. :-)

PS.3: But anyway I still LOVE the most my TIMEX COMPUTER 2048! Yesssss! wink

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Make moar furious bees!


Heh, thanks mate. smile

Well, for now I make some more 'melodic' chiptunes, for a change, but will return to the art-rock for sure. smile

Meanwhile - yes, I don't let the Timex rest in peace. wink

The main song has been made with Phaser1 and the intro has been made with GarageBeep -

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