São Paulo, Brazil


I've been using the Plogue Chipsounds VSTi on Ableton for a while, but I always used different VSTi instances for each channel/instrument. Right now I'm arranging a small live set on Ableton and I'd like to know if Chipsounds accepts midi program change. I am trying to tweak the midi clips Bank/Sub-Bank/Program settings but nothing happens inside the VSTi (unlike other plugins that I use).

Am I doing something wrong here or there's really no way of doing it inside Chipsounds?


Yeah chipsounds is kinda wierd like that. what you have to do is after putting chipsounds into your track you go down to the rack where you will see the chipsound vst square. Left of the bypass button there will be a triangle button. click it and it will unfold revealing an option to configure. Click that button and then head over to your opened vst window. move the parameters that you want to automate and it will add a slider to the bottom rack cell for that parameter. click configure again when you are done. from there you should be able to automate things via your standard clip midi window.