-- INST/DEL, Sat 5th April @ Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh --

*** chibi-tech

Japan's MoeNES master travels all the way to UK to blow your cool and tear the place up! Yes, this is really happening.

*** HarleyLikesMusic

Direct from Sheffield, Nintendo DS bass wizard and party starter, HarleyLikesMusic!

*** Galaxy Wolf

London's Galaxy Wolf returns to Edinburgh to violently shake people down with 2 Game Boys. Anyone who caught this man's set at Ultrachip 2013 knows he means business.

*** King Keytan

Big sounds, raw emotions, giant robots. King Keytan will convey all of these things to you using limited technology and sheer determination.

*** OK-Korean

OK-Korean will do what he likes and you'll just have to deal with it. Thankfully he likes solid melodic GB music, so it should work out fine for everyone.

Plus live visuals all night from the one and only Mr Euan McKenzie!

FB event page here:

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This is 1 week away! Scotland / UK chip fans, please take note of this and do not let yourselves down.


For those who can't make it, here's a live stream for you:

First act on in 5 minutes!


I really wish I could have made it all the way up 'te north for this...
Will the audio from the stream be available for download after? I don't know how that site works. But nice one on actually streaming it though!


Cheers! Re: future availability, I don't know! Probably not. Stream now or regret forever (?).

OK-Korean just did great things and King Keytan is up next. Listen.

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