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So I got my piggy running on a Dingoo finally. I'm using the 1.3l_50 ghetto build (gotta love those names)

I've got some problems though...

On DIngux,

  • I can't poweroff, ever. Even with BLEOs zImages that are suppsoed to work. I've got the 9338 LCD, not sure if relevant. So, I have to poke-reset, boot into official OS and then power off the unit.

So, I installed Opendinux, which came with it's own set of problems

  • No sound at all coming from Piggy. Tried older stable build, same thing.

  • Is there a way to autostart on opendingux?

Also, is there a way to control the sound volume of the dingoo? I read somewhere it's START+UP/DOWN but it's not working in piggy.

Thanks in advance

hardcore, Australia


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Psydney, Australia
godinpants wrote:

In piggy you tap the two buttons that aren't used for volume up and down.
It could be that in the system settings the volume is set to 0?

Cheers for the tip but it doesn't see to work. I'm tapping X and Y like mad and it's still at max vol (in DIngux)

Psydney, Australia

Ah found this!

<MAP src="key:0:space" dst="/mixer/volume/increase" />
<MAP src="key:0:left shift" dst="/mixer/volume/decrease" />