hey guys - as per the title, i'm trying to find out if there are any differences with propounding a super gameboy 2 compared with the original. Can't seem to find anyone online that's done one & documented it, hopefully someone here knows/could give me a heads up?


If I remember well, The hardware in SGB2 was more stable so your songs should be more stable if it's demand a lot on the CPU !!! DIdnt try the prosound but I'm pretty sure it's just be the same but a litlle more stable !

Plus doesnt the 2 come with the link port already installed?

herr_prof wrote:

Plus doesnt the 2 come with the link port already installed?

yes it is !!!

are there any difference to what I need to solder up? From my understanding and limited research, it seems like a few people on here have done the mod, or are familiar enough with the insides of it to be in the know.

My worry is that because the sgb2 runs from a different cpu (pocket), I could run into problems.

When in doubt just follow the traces for left output and right output from the CPU. They are pins 59(right) and 60(left). Solder your wires to the "-" side of the capacitor that follows.

Without having one in my possession I believe you would solder to the negative side of the two electrolytic capacitors on the bottom left of this picture:

I have prosounded a SGB2. Just follow the same steps as prosounding a SGB[1]. Just make sure you solder the correct capacitors.

I don't suppose anyone's still watching this thread that can confirm if it's postive or negative side of the caps?

Super Gameboy youtube vids suggest postive.... But I blew up a SGB2 trying to prosound it so am a bit hesitant to try again (the mod was working briefly with really dirty terrible sound, so not sure it was the best SGB2 in the first place OR if I soldered them the wrong side....