so i recently bought an arduinoboy. i want to combine my mpc 500 with lsdj....... im puzzled i have absolutly no idea how to use an arduinoboy after looking around for a wile i have only turned over small amounts of info regarding mainly mgb.... does anyone know where i might find a document with detailed instructions or info in one place

EDIT: ok i looked here and i thought i understood it

BUT if i plug my dmg-01 (using dmg-04 cable) into arduinoboy (made by ryux the one with the purple flashing heart) and my mpc 500 into its midi port the middle led on the top row of aboy just flickers quite dim (no heart) i set one of my mpc pads to cc 48 to start lsdj but nothing.. is this a power issue? when i plug it into my pc itlights up bright and the heart flashes im running win 7 64 bit and have ableton 9 installed but cant seem to see aboy on my pc

EDIT: does anybody have the same aboy?

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Which midi mode are you looking to run arduinoboy in? You have to set it both in the arduinoboy, and then set lsdj to the specific mode you want it to be in as well.


i am trying to run in lsdj slave mode (top left led?) lsdj set to midi (tried slave aswell but thought slave was for sync by link lead) using mpc as master sending c-2  (48) to start lsdj if i arm lsdj and skip through the modes on aboy when i get to mode 1 lsdj lets out the first odd second of the track if lsdj is set to midi mode it says too busy i am using the usb from pc to power the aboy

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am i being an idiot if im trying to use ableton to sync midi arduinoboy over usb

im so stuck with this please help me

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does ryux' arduinoboy support usb-midi or is it a standard version? in the latter case, the usb connection is only for reprogramming the arduino, eg updating the arduinoboy code.
the standard arduinoboy needs a real midi connection.

for sync via usb you'd need an usb-boy, which has customized code :

alternatively, you can get a midi interface for your computer to connect your stuff.

or you could get one of these, i think it can do lsdj clock, too

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