8-Bit Operators ▷△△ Depeche Mode Tribute: Enjoy The Science.

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01. Bacalao - But Not Tonight (Switzerland)
02. Herbert Weixelbaum - Enjoy The Silence (Austria)
03. GOTO80 - Boys Say Go (Sweden)
04. Matt Nida feat. Lisa Schumann - Policy of Truth (UK)
05. ComputeHer - Strangelove (USA)
06. gwEm - Martyr (UK)
07. Laker feat. ONTBG - Clean (USA)
08. 8-Bit Operators - Photographic (Megamix)★ (International)
09. Patokai - New Life (Argentina)
10. Aonami - (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (Japan)
11. crashfaster - Never Let Me Down Again (USA)
12. gameboymusicclub - Dreaming Of Me (Austria)
13. Naomi Sample - Somebody (Germany)
14. Yerzmyey - I Just Can’t Get Enough (Poland)
15. Inverse Phase - Behind The Wheel☆ (USA)

★[track 8] 8-Bit Operators (Megamix feat. Justin Emerson,
8 Bit Weapon, Varsovia, Bobby Bailey, Chris Tucker,
Frank Lardino, Richard Hess & Ian Lloyd)
☆[track 15] Vocals: Helen Eugene

With their internationally acclaimed series of tributes to Kraftwerk, The Beatles and Devo already established as benchmarks in the global scene, 8-Bit Operators return by popular demand, this time honoring the timeless synth-pop of Depeche Mode.

Curated by electronic music veteran Jeremy Kolosine, this inspired new collection entitled 'Enjoy The Science' features the world’s leading artists in the “chiptune” and “synthpunk” movements performing highly musical, lo-bit video-game hardware re-imaginings of 15 favorite Depeche Mode tracks, spanning the band’s incredible 30+ year career.

Showcasing the globe’s most inventive, influential and innovative Operatives of 8-bit arrangement, programming, application & hi-tech production, 8-Bit Operators collective is addicted to the sound character delivered by various micro-chips made iconic in the late 20th century (in Nintendos, Ataris, Gameboys, Commodore 64s, Speak & Spells, etc.), and when these devices are musically re-tooled, adapted, or even “circuit-bent”, brand-new creative options and sound palettes are invented.

This collection illustrates, joyously, the emotional versatility, intensity and fun of “chipmusic” especially when inspired by the rich melodies and thoughtful lyrics of Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore and former member Vince Clarke.

For more on 8-BIT OPERATORS, please contact
✔ Katie Deatrick Trimble / KDT PR ☞ [email protected]
releases 10 June 2014
Special thanks to the members of Depeche Mode, past and present.

Project Manager: Nick Clift [email protected]
Circuit-bent Speak & Spell by Justin Emerson
Artwork & Layout by Frank Vickers/Limp Comet

Executive Producer: Jeremy Kolosine ☞ [email protected]

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This compilation ℗ & © 2014 Receptors Music, Inc. All rights reserved.
Made in the USA. RCP018.

More info:
[email protected]

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