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Of course it was, I liked very much your summer jamz'13 smile

The new playlist is on air right now !!

Nomad's Land

So, today at 9 CET again?

Clermont-Ferrand, France

Yep exactly !
Here we go :

November playlist :

Yerzmyey - Ai
Jake "virt" Kaufman - Weapon
chalkboards - deep end
irrlicht Project - endgames
Kubbi - Something New
Doomcloud - Welcome to Dudley Town
Jank the Consumer - Office Rager
bryface - Rich Bastard Groove
Helgeland 8-bit Squad - Desert Creek Dub
Victory Road - Departures
Masikus - The Lost Ones
Origami Repetika - honeyknocker meadows
chibi-tech - Moe Moe Kyunstep (PART I - 萌え -)

Feel free to send me stuff for the next playlist ! smile

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Clermont-Ferrand, France

December's playlist on air tomorrow at 9:00 PM CET.
I have still some room left, feel free to send me one of your tunes if you want to be part of this playlist !

Clermont-Ferrand, France

New playlist now on air !

Clermont-Ferrand, France

December's playlist :

brightentayle - Hey Are Those Microbes Eating Out Your Hands.nsf
Wanderflux - Soaring
Kris Keyser - Nitro
Fufugaga - Cloudrunner 2.0
Calavera - Badman
Jredd - Glass Hills
Malmen & Xyce - Papillons
raphaelgoulart - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Dropless Chiptune Remix)
Cerror - Outerspace (live edit)
DDDrive - Sawdog
Gloggy - Ice Cream Orchads
8 Bit Jin - Rave of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Pryapisme - Jon-bon-jon-boutros-boutros-boutros-bovi-miou-miou
Twistboy - Licking an Icicle
Janx <("<) - 80s-Bit Rampage
Wizwars - Fly Away
HarleyLikesMusic - Light Shines Brighter In The Dark
Nyhlin - DK Island Swing
Ap0c - A Promise

Clermont-Ferrand, France

Hi guys, new time schedule for 2014 ! The emission is on air THURSDAYS 11PM CET (5:00PM EST) & SUNDAYS 7:00PM CET (10:00AM EST).

New playlist on air in 1 hour !

January Playlist :

Auxcide - Fire and Ice
DBOYD - Snowy Haired Reaper Girl
gotoandplay - VenusFlytraps
Solarbear - Pterodactyls
TDK - Quirky - FortressCraft Credits (8bit Mix)
Jellica - SLL(2)
Bit Shifter - March Of The Nucleotides (mRNA Mix)
The J. Arthur Keenes Band - Some Nerve
Laffe the Fox - Goodbye, Dreams !
Doxic - courp
temp sound solutions - dr electronics
Mister Beep - Sparkling Icicles
Auxcide - Particles (of Atoms and Stardusts)

Feel free to send some stuff for the next month !

California, United States

Looks like a nice lineup this week smile

Clermont-Ferrand, France

April Playlist (yeah I took some vacations) :

Nuclear Mushroom Boom - Summertime
Maxo - Snow Other
Shnabubula - Philadelphia Under Attack
xyce - nouveaux trous
Harumi Makoto - Wonder Panorama
Pryapisme - La notion de chiralité de spin (Scrolling Map)
bertfm - Dancing to Death
kfaraday - Counting Electric Sheep
Math the Band - BFFU
Jakim - Virtual Life
commandycan - C side
Disasterpeace - Jump Error
sleepytimejesse - Mymecophile
Ballonbear - Show Must Go On (Cover)
Wanderflux - GGWP
Jellybear - Africa (Cover)
Seal of Quality - Hash pipe (Cover)
DBOYD - Tactics

Some new stuff, some groove, some covers.
As usual, if you want some of your stuff to be part of the next playlist, don't hesitate to contact me via PM !


This is a really cool idea and great for us artists. It seems like a good way to promote.

Clermont-Ferrand, France

Sorry, I've been pretty busy lately with other projects, so it's been a while since I updated this.
Please don't hesitate to send old or new stuff, I'll be glad to include it in the next playlist !

I played some tracks for the season-closing party (for non-initiated people wink ), check the setlist here : … ty-2-matt/