reject of nintendoage

Hey, i just found this, thought it might be of interest:

sure looks like fun!

now all i need is an A600 tongue


...the Easter 2014 release date is set in stone... … e-friends/

PS: thx, sandneil

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i think its like this

Milwaukee, WI … e-friends/


i saw this a little while ago. Looks very interesting!

New York City

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Seville (Spain)

PT1210 Released 2 days ago in Revision party, I think Akira will post it by himself, but for all the people waiting for this, THE .MOD KILLS THE MP3 INDUSTRY


thanks for this guys, i'm totally hooked and i'm currently scavenging A600 machines to build a portable DJ set big_smile

Would be killer for our future Chiptune club specials here in Helsinki. I'm currently hosting 80's style Retrowave/Synthwave club events and we had one Chiptune spinoff already with Dubmood and Zabutom.