Boddah, when do you think you'll have arduinoboy kits back in stock?

I've got the majority of the parts for a few kits but I'm out of red LEDs and link cables. If you can supply your own status LED and link cable I can hook you up with everything else.

How much would you charge sans cable and red status LED shipped within the US?

I could do $30 shipped, or I'd be willing to trade for a stock GB

Modded SGB for sale.

how it the SGB modded?

It's got 1/8", 1/4", and RCA Stereo ProSound Outputs, Variable Clock Control, and a DMG Link Port.


SGB is still for sale. Lowered price down to $100 +shipping, also accepting offers.

Added a refurbished Red DMG w/ Green Backlight, and reduced the price for the SGB.

The SGB and Red DMG have been claimed.

Got some stuff for sale on my site