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Couldn't you just take a mono one and build it twice and use a stereo jack? I may be incredibly stupid so don't trust anything i say.

Yep. You could even be super fancy and use dual-gang pots for the controls, or you could use seperate pots to retain the possibility of adjusting the sound independently for each side of the stereo.

Simplest DIY effect I can think of is the distortion circuit the Black Ice uses, 4 parts total and will cost you $5< if you can buy the parts locally.
I'm not really sure how it would sound with chip stuff, but I've always liked distorted Gameboys.

Really simple and cheap germanium diodes fuzz I made a month ago. Works like a charm (with my synths...) … istortion/

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BTW here are some cool DIY effects:
I think their filter is awesome. But I still didn't make it.