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Don't let the sticker shock from the listing scare you, take a look at some of the crazy stuff here. The wiring is insane. It looks like somehow the DJ Hero Turntable is used as a giant potentiometer for a variable clock mod, while the Gameboy-built-into-housing looks like it is a "master" unit of some sort. The serial port on the CGB and parallel port on the DMG probably carried clock + link cable connections so that they could easily be sync'd to the turntable controller and thus have their clock changes be synchronized in a 1:2 ratio (DMG:CGB). This means that the user could easily and accurately beatmatch without using LSDJ's build in "Tap A on tempo" function, or having to rely on a standard link cable. May be handy to make the units functional in an actual DJ setup. The aesthetics lend themselves well to DJ controllerism and vinyl in a DJing context.

Despite the price being insane, it looks like this mod is a bit old in age since the DMG features a 2-LED (nonfinite?) backlight and the deck-embedded DMG has a 3-LED light, so this doesn't look like it's a freshly-flipped deal. What's also really striking is the crossfader in the embedded unit, I suspect it is connected to a passive mixer for mixing between two sources. The screen is from a Gameboy Pocket, and given the age of this mod, it might have been one of the first times a Pocket screen transplant was ever done.

Let me know what you think, it's a pretty unusual mod with great intentions smile

ALSO I have messaged the seller, asking him to make the Youtube video non-private, as it is currently private but included in the description as if it were a public link. Hopefully we'll see this thing be properly unveiled and explained, it deserves it!


so many typos in that listing that it hurts. interesting mod, but way overpriced
edit: i guess it might just be one typo, but "expirienced" hurt my brain too much.. also for that price the person who modded it should be named if he wants any chance to move it

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New Zealand

I'll give him a kebab voucher and a handjob for it...

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This is an interesting mod, priced like a Synthboy.  One of these things is okay.

Outer Space ?

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Holy crap, this thing is beautiful.
I guess the turntable is basically a giant break-out variable clock? (and some sort of LED controller?)
I'd really like to know how he accomplished the crazy LED stuff, I've been looking into doing something similar recently but haven't gotten that far.

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Novelty in practicality. A grand for a pitch knob, no thank you.

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This took some doing, but I agree with the sentiment that it's simply not worth the what he's asking. It's like the seller is including the build time @ $15hr in the price. I mean, maybe start the bidding at $300 or something. It's a cool piece of custom electronics though...


Looks like its: … index.html


This is super super cool smile