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Sorry guys for the huge delay, but here's the update on LGPTmanager.

As of currently, development of version 2.00 is still in progress. School's back in session for me, so to be honest, the project dropped a few places on the priority list. However, progress is still being made.

As far as the actual software goes, some of the changes/added features that you can expect for the upcoming version is added support for the current and upcoming "ghetto builds", as well as backward compatibility with previous versions. Also merging project tables will be an added option.

There will be also be provisions made for addons such as previewing samples before merging, and program skins. There will be more details on addons in the next update.

Concerning bug reports, please PM all bug reports to me (BitCruncher). I would prefer that you not reply reports to the threads as it becomes difficult for me to locate them amidst the non-bug reports.

Also, as I believe it is unlikely for the mods to make LGPTmanager threads sticky or have their own section on the forums, I am planning on making a main project page where everything pertaining to LGPTmanager will go. A Facebook page is also in order.

Stay tuned and thank you for your support.

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Also: you should post these in the LGPT subforum here!

Virginia, US

Thanks herr_prof. Totally forgot about that! Is there any way to add new threads to multiple forums or do you have to copy?

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done, duplicate deleted! Good job Bit Cruncher.