Clermont-Ferrand, France

Hi guys,

So I sadly found out only today that PAL NES, even if they can work with MidiNES and other NES audio tools (like PR8), are totally out of tune (and out of tempo) because of the 50Hz/60Hz issue. I know that I could maybe use pitch effects and/or time stretching tools but it doesn't satisfy me, and would be complicated since I've been working on a liveset with 2 NES and live instruments.

Long story short, I'm willing to trade one PAL NES, working perfectly, audio modded (2xRCA outputs on the back), lockout chip disabled, with a NTSC NES. It can be not modded, without cables or controller, just functionning is fine.

You'd be able to use the PAL NES as a single tool for small livesets or any other use as long as you don't need to add other instruments with melodies or tempo-dependent. I admit that the possibilities with it are quite limited but it can be fun to mess with it.

I'll be adding some pictures tomorrow.

I'm also willing to buy one if no one wants the PAL NES, at a reasonable price since shipping costs and imports duties will already cost me around 50$.