Whateverville, California

Just in time for Halloween, here's an ominous release out of the blue. Lu-Lu grinds out some menacing Industrial LSDJ sludge. Pretty punishing stuff! I'm trying out some various styles, including some FDS Thrash, and a dance jam about the time-honored Halloween tradition of indiscriminate property destruction.

Track Listing:
1. Lu-Lu - Fightbulb 01:29   
2. Lu-Lu - Skeleton Roleplay 01:45   
3. Lu-Lu - Not For Application To Hands 02:08   
4. Imaginary - The Erstwhile Corpse 02:49           
5. Imaginary - Fearless Mailbox Assassins 02:23
6. Imaginary - The Starlit Walk Home 01:55

Grab it on Bandcamp here.
Or here.

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