Well this surprised me!  The Longhorn Engineer has plans to sell PCB's and kits I believe of a new 2600 motherboard!  We still get the original TIA and its lovely sounds, with built in video mods (S-Video), controls and a nice screen.  This will also alleviate the problems with faulty capacitors and such that have driven me crazy!  My only worry is the quality of it's audio amp...  I'm certainly excited to use this with music though!  (it probably won't be compatible with Synthcart however because of it's limited controls)


Also the freaking Harmony Cart is out!!!  I totally forgot about this one!  Basically it's a nice 2600 flash cartridge with a built in SD card slot that supports SD and SDHC and USB built in.  It support just about all of the 2600 library.  I'm fairly certain it covers ALL titles regardless of their specific cartridge designs and such.  The real kicker, it's only a whopping $60!  Awesome!


So these are two great developments for Atari 2600 music!  big_smile

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Both of these things are very exciting! Thanks for posting.

Harmony Cart FUCK YEAH!

I wonder if one could solder standard controller ports to the PCB? I guess that should be quite easy.

Haha, after re-reading that a day later it's easy to tell I'm pretty excited!  As far as controller ports, I'm positive you could.  The Longhorn Engineer is a great guy too so I'd email him about real hardware specific stuff.  I plan to box mine up in a very small container with the screen, system switches, and controller ports and possibly a built in harmony and a better audio amp. (and the A2KF MIDI amiright?)  I might just use it's controls to build a tiny external controller!  This thing would also be very nice for portable Loopcarting!

You can see the control ports both fully provided for at the lower-left:

http://longhornengineer.com/images/proj … 20V1.1.pdf