Hanging out w/ bleo, rhinoid, exileFaker and ovenrake at this siiiick show last month,
it came to my attention that lgptsav.dat is just an XML file.  derp.  this is why we should hang out and talk more.
So I figured how hard could it be to write a project merger so here it is.
Sticks all songrows, chains, patterns, instruments, tables and grooves from dat 2 into dat 1,
then outputs a 3rd dat for your tracking pleasure.

This is a windows exe using .NET 2.0.  If this seems to work awesome enough
and people hate windows enough, maybe I'd rewrite in Java, but I'm really slow at Java.

No error handling, no instructions, just BANG IT
You will have to handle all the sample consolidation yourself and if each project
has a different sample with the same name, you're gonna have a bad time.

I saw something BitCruncher was saying about differences w/ project versions
in his python application but I have no idea wtf that is all about so hope this works.

thanks to bleo for the .ico

btw check out my new sangle


nice... ill fucks with this


yoo .net holla! is the project online? been doing a lot of forms stuff lately and i'd fork this.


I'm hoping to get source code up somewhere in the next week or so.


Also forgot, not doing anything with the midi instruments yet.


awww sad sad sad

Abandoned on Fire

Dat bang tho.  cool

I'm glad you did this. The more the merrier!

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MIDI soon

Riverside, CA
budmelvin wrote:

and people hate windows enough, maybe I'd rewrite in Java



uploaded a new one that /probably/ works with midi instruments

Geneva, NY

A little background and an "a-ha" moment for all you piggy MIDI power users: you are NOT limited to 16 MIDI instruments.

Brady Leo: hello marc.
marc.nostromo: Hey B
Brady Leo:ci have a question, as usual.
bud was asking me what to do about midi instruments in the datbanger.
marc.nostromo: I probably have an answer, as usual 
Brady Leo: i said "fuck midi, don't touch it. there are only 16 instras, so if you're merging 2 projects with 16 instras, ur fucked."
marc.nostromo: he can use a unused instrument and set its type to midi
tell him to look at what happens if you clone a midi instrument
basically you can have more than 16 midi instruments
Brady Leo: oh shit! nice
marc.nostromo: :_
Brady Leo: cool hack bro
marc.nostromo: well I wanted to implement clone for them so I had this idea
Brady Leo: bud and the midi people will be pleased