Whateverville, California

Well here it is, also just in time for Halloween... the 2014 Summer Soda Comp.
We've got a whole slough of badass tracks here so I'll let the music speak for itself...

1. Kommisar - Cherry Cola 03:02   
2. Ypmid - Discontinued Novelty Flavors 02:31   
3. DBOYD - Jolt! 03:08   
4. Lu-Lu - Mountain Blue 01:56   
5. Imaginary - Strawberry Crush 02:43   
6. Indoors - Cream Soda 03:26   
7. Back☆ - Pineberry Fusion 01:41   
8. Infodrive - Moon Mist 03:17   
9. Boy Without Batteries - Bubble Up 03:04       
10. (T-T)b, NEON, Ypmid & Imaginary - Carbonation 02:57
11. Monotron - Vanilla Coke 01:47

Free as a bird on Bandcamp.

Enjoy gentlefolk.


Awwwwwww yeah! Hella stoked!

Baja California

Catchy. I like it.


Glad this is finally out. We'll just pretend it's still summer tho wink

new york

awesome, nice to finally see this officially released!

Whateverville, California

Yuuuuuup. Now I see why people set deadlines. I think I like the way things came together super organically though. Seems like it was an easy, low-stress process for pretty much everybody involved. When we do seasonal comps from now on they'll need to have deadlines to stay timely. I do however plan to keep having no-deadline "whenever" comps too. The Famitracker round robin was a lot of fun, it would be cool to have it for other trackers too.

We're kinda planning a fall/winter Tea themed Comp too if anybody's interested. I envision a collection of slower, more somber & reflective tracks. heart