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trash80 has it covered, so just buy his records or something:

CountSymphonic: There was a bit of discussion of this in the admin subforum. trash80 hasn't chimed in yet and it's really 100% his call. HOWEVER, I will reiterate here what I said there:

You are already contributing perfectly to the site by merely having a thread worth reading on the forum! That adds more value to the site than any monetary donation ever could! Thank you!

why do you think they need money?

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why do you think they need money?

Although that may seemingly be the implication, I never said they did. It goes a bit deeper than that.

I'm looking for ways to help Chipmusic expand, as a forum and as a movement. Everyone here could benefit from that, not to mention all the people out there who would enjoy the music we create that haven't even discovered it yet.

Keep in mind- even if this little donation campaign I'm on fails, I have other ideas but I probably wouldn't have the time to set them into motion until Prodigy is more releasable. But money is a step that could help make it all happen. I seriously think we can take our stuff to a whole new level.

Anyways, back to coding...

Btw, thanks BLEO.

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I don't really understand this whole "chipmusic needs to expand" thing, but eh. I like the direction it's already going already.

The first and foremost reason that we currently do not accept donations is because it isn't really needed. There is no urgent lack of money to pay the bills for the site. So, we decided to not accept donations, as a general policy. One problem with accepting donations is that may, even if just implicitly, put an obligation on the site staff to put a certain amount of effort into the site, such as developing the code base of the site further. At this point, I think most of staff are full-time working adults, sometimes with children, who don't really have a lot of time to spare on the site. Accepting donations may then give the wrong impression and in the future raise questions of what the money is actually used for. We are indeed extra cautious about this aspect because of what happened to 8bc back in the day.

But even if there was an urgent need for funding, donations are still problematic. It's easy to make a donation drive and make people donate. It's not so easy to get a consistent flow of money. The best solution for all parties would be to somehow encourage people to make small, but regular donations (or possibly payments). Having a system in place that would make it easy for people to make small, reoccuring donations might would be preferred if we accepted donations. The service Patreon has done this for content creators, (such as YouTube vloggers etc) where they deposit money into their account, and then donate a certain amount for every video uploaded by a certain user.

With all this said, if you're actually intent on giving a donation, you may contact trash80 in private and I'm sure he'll accept it, but nevertheless, at the time being it's not really necessary.

Fair enough. I have to say that Patreon sounds like a really good idea.

As for my other thoughts on this. I'm going to keep them reserved for a time when I'm not so busy with development, it's going to be quite a while for sure. But I suspect that a lot of people will really like the idea I have in mind.