thought id just leave this here, not mine but sure it is of some interest to somebody... … 2a4c3b7385

Dallas, Texas

That thing looks sick!

South Dakota

Having flashbacks of seeing one of those when I was a kid.
Want... so... bad... /me cries...

Seattle, WA

Ok, so who's going to get this to run lsdj?


whoever has 2,000 bucks lying around

King's Lynn, UK

Should we all club together? I'd be willing to put in a bit to see this come around every year at superbyte.


A shame it's no shipping to UK really.

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is no one flying from the states to superbyte?

edit, id be surprised if we could gather 2000 dollars still

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US only.. FML! Well thanks for the pictures atleast.

Alive and well in fucksville

i would take up donations and buy the shit out of it. afterall i am in the us...i would be the keeper (defended myself from 2 muggings).... i would not allow it to be modded in any way (except for the bar im handcuffed to). I would, of course, need a plane ticket to the UK so i could go to superbyte also. smile I wonder if it has speakers or a line out...

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