Thanks for reporting, and especially for also reporting on the wiki!  I'm on it... Also that bug regarding packing to raw. (In the meantime you can still pack to raw using older versions of defMON.)

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New version of defMON is out, where two bugs from the previous version are fixed. See here: … d:download


Just put up another new defMON version on the wiki, now with support for Scannerboy's DIN Sync interface. The interface is connected to the user port and more info about it will come up in the near future. … d:download

This version also includes a bug fix relating to the Stereo SID stuff.

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Hey guys, the boards should be ready in about 2 months.

They will feature: din sync, midi sync, lsdj sync, nanoloop sync and clock output for driving modulars wink

The price should be below 30 eur.

PM me if interested wink

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@scannerboy: Great! big_smile

life is great

such future features! kinda wanna get into defmon now

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Hey, the prototypes will be ready today! If everything will be ok Ill order the next batch. ETA january/february

PM me if interested wink

1.000.000 thumbs up! big_smile


S.Y.N.C. ON!

What Goto80 said wink

Hey, I just want you guys to know that the adapters are ready to go wink

It fits into the user port

The adapter lets defmon output:
-LSDJ sync signal
-nanoloop sync signal
-midi clock
-din sync
-clock signal with adjustable resolution from 24ppqn to 2ppqn for Korg Volcas, TE Pocket Operators, Arturia Microbrute, MI Anushri etc

It should also work with Prophet64

Price with worldwide postage: 36EUR

I will post the sources in about a week if anybody is interested

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Yay! I just put a note about this on the defMON wiki:

Great, thanks. I've also added some info over here: … cs:dinsync

So when can we order the DIN-sync adapter?