I just registered to provide better repair procedure than one found on this site: … is-repair/
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Instead of modifying/drilling your original device, I have found a better option...
I have used dental floss and sewing thread dipped in alcohol (I used pure isopropylene, but anything should work I think). You put it inside potentiometer and wipe the contacts without disassembling it. Just like you would floss your teeth.
You will make no harm to your original device this way.
This has resolved problems with my contrast wheel which caused flickering exactly at the spot where best contrast should be.


Okay, so I suppose that this is the best place to put this. I really like your idea and it sounds better than the old Q-tip trick. I have a DMG that loses the left headphone jack output when turned up all the way. I get stereo sound if I turn it down a bit, but once it gets near max volume, I only get sound in my right headphone. There is no crackling or anything so I don't think it's dirty. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks much :3