Is anybody working on adding players for the filetypes that don't currently have one? .mid, .sid, .xm, .mod, .ahx, etc.

Agreed. I don't know how feasible it is at all, but if there's a readily deployable implementation of ModPlug, AdPlug, XMPlay, or anything else like that, it'd be a really cool addition to the site. smile

Just bumpin this because I wanted to bring to the administrations that a hively replayer flash port is in the works, courtesy of passing_by. Maybe this could be implemented into's player system for ahx format. … amp;id=190

The hively flash replayer is now optimized. Just a heads up just in case anyone is available to implement it into the sites music player section.

There has to be a .sid player available. maybe not a super acurate one with both 8580 and 6581 but hey I'm pretty sure I've seen an embeded sid player somewhere