Swansea, UK

In an effort to declutter and own less things that I never use, I started a thread on the Monome community site a couple of months ago. A lot of stuff went, but a few things remain. Make me a cash or trade offer for any of these items; I don't really use any of it and it's taking up space. Buyer will need to pay P&P and I'm in the UK, just FYI so it'd be a bit pointless to send something cheap and bulky across the atlantic.

I have:
-An AKAI MPC500 - I have 2 of these because I love them so much - I really don't need 2 of these, so one can go - Boxed and everything! (£150ono)
-A proper British-wired Ashdown MAG400 Bass Head, before they shipped out production to China. Lovely thing. Never use it. The output jacks are a bit loose, but usable. (£100ono)
-A Midifighter from their first run, Red LEDs, hand numbered on the back (91/100 I think?) (£60ono)
-A pretty noisy Tascam Porta02 cassette 4 track. (£30ono, no pus)
-An original Novation Launchpad. (£45 ono)

Trade-wise I'd love a properly pimped out custom DMG (thursday / apeshit style), a drag'n'derp, midines, or eurorack modules.