What about a tracking or "friending" system so that you can be updated on music released by a certain user or at least have a very easy way to keep track of who your favorite users are. And also a "favorites" system for individual songs?

there are bookmarks for songs, so that you can keep track of songs you liked
and i believe you can also get an RSS feed of individual artists' songs

Thank you for bringing attention to the bookmarking songs. I was under the belief that if I were to bookmark a song it would literally Bookmark the song to my web browser. How can I access these bookmarks once I have done so?

Or an Rss feed for that matter?

when you go to the music section you use the filter and just pick whichever filter you're looking for, that can show songs you've bookmarked, or artists you've bookmarked or whatever

I've never really cared about the RSS feed stuff so I haven't looked into it, but you can get an RSS feed of the music

Thank You.


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Just a question.

I saw that new members are not allowd to post on 3 months older post. How many post should the write, or how many time after signing in ?