Montreal, Canada

Hola seƱors!

For the past few weeks, we have been secretly working on a big ass update on all things Cheapbeats. And by all things, I really mean only a few things. Not many actually. BUT STILL. Here's what new!

- New image! We got tired of the old logo, so we've modernized it. It now kinda looks good! Almost.... well barely. But still!

- New website! For the longest time we had a crappy looking website that we quickly got so very tired of that we took if offline and used as a cheap redirect to our bandcamp page. WELL NO MORE. No sir. We've gone and redesigned the crap out of it so now it looks like something that looks like something of a website. None of that mid-90 geocities vibe that we had going on for a while. Now it's full of wonderful things like... images, and buttons. Total information highway new-millenium dotcomboom stuff happening.

- Tshirts! That's right! We now make tshirts! More exclamation marks! Woo! Go have a look!

- Youtube channel update. We're in the process of making a large part of our catalogue available on Youtube. But we're still small. So small in fact that we do not yet qualify for a proper Youtube address. You can help us grow by subscribing and maybe we'll reach enough sucbriber to have a cool /cheapbeats extension. How bout that? Come and subscribe!

And to celebrate these minors happenings like they were the biggest news this week, we're offering everybody a week-long 20% discount on all our releases. Simply enter the code "shamu" when you make a purchase on our bandcamp page and BOOM, discount mode activated.

And we also have another deal happening. But this one requires a little help from you fine chaps. We've made an Imgur post about the new website in the hopes to reach outside of the usual somewhat limited chipscene demographic. If our post reaches the front page, we'll be giving everybody a free album of their choice from out catalogue. You can make the magic happen here!

AND VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE! It's really kind of almost nice!

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Minneapolis, MN

Imgur post needs more Javert, I jest of course!

Looking Good!

Melbourne, Australia

The website looks kickass! Nice.

Gosford, Australia

great stuff guys! fwiw i still like the old logo smile

Montreal, Canada

Aye it was alright. But we were shooting for something less pixel-y, and less videogame-y. Considering the growing catalogue that is getting increasingly more varied, the connection with pixel/vg was less and less relevant. We also wanted something that scales well at any size... on the off chance we might someday sponsor a football team and have our banner on the field...or something. tongue

Madison, Alabama

New website looks dope!

Chips & Dip :3
Victory Road wrote:

i still like the old logo smile

same tongue

Great stuff though! The site design is awesome!