Liverpool, UK

Do you collect, or wish to collect chip vinyl records + CDs/merch? Are you put off by crazy-expensive shipping costs from America, Australia etc?

I'm interested in starting a chiptune distro, but I would need to know if people would buy real things with real money from it.

If you would be interested, what things would you want? CDs, Tapes, Records, T-Shirts, Carts/Hardware etc? Please let me know!

Madriz, Supain

Im interested both in getting my shit dristributed and buying shit without USPS messing around.

Vinyl and (some) tapes would be enough for me. Fancy merch like shirts and whatnot, too.

Swansea, UK

I too would be interested. Personally, I don't buy tapes or CDs often, but do buy vinyl and gear.

I often go to buy a 7" or something from the states and am put off by the fact that the postage is as much as the item itself.


hey man i cold supply releases but im not much of a consumer...


Would be interested in this. I buy shirts and hardware (but mostly can use retrotowers for that) sometimes, and occasionally even buy physical copies of releases yikes

idk maybe talk to some of the London people too if you want to drum up more interest


all about digital now :(

i like cds for the car but there are not really that many chiptune albums that i would be that interested in.

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Jellica wrote:

all about digital now sad

specially with niche...

You could help people distribute to all the stores though. If people are really bothered about that they could use the services that can provide that, so if you did take that option you would have to be able to provide a decent amount of promo to make it worth peoples while