Clermont-Ferrand, France

Hi guys, posting here a video footage of our last show.
Our current set-up is drums & electric bass, a sampler which plays Famitracker samples (with a click rooted to my drummer's headphones). I launch some loops with a PR8 (from Neil Baldwin) cart on a Famicom, and I play some melodies and bass lines with a midi keyboard + MidiNES.

In the future I plan to play more and more of the melodies on the hardware, including with a MIDI sampler and the MidiNES.

Hope you'll enjoy this !

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Montreal, Canada

Very cool stuff!

I read "with a dick routed to my drummer's headphones".... I thought it was kind of funny.

Clermont-Ferrand, France

Thanks ! smile

n00bstar wrote:

"with a dick routed to my drummer's headphones"

Someone build a prototype for this please !


Looks like a fun show! Keep em coming (the tunes not the dicks).