Matthew Joseph Payne

SOLD, thanks!

I'm pretty much done modding Gameboys. Here's what's left.
I'm asking $50 shipped CONUS, including the toolbox and the (really awesome) Caboodles case.

And if you're into this, I have some other stuff for sale on this craigslist posting here - I'm going to list some of it separately on CM.O soon, but I figured I'd pop a link up so we could combine shipping if someone buys this lot. smile

Anyway, on to the lot (keep scrolling, there's four pictures):

one kitsch-bent DMG test prog v1 EPROM cart

various red, green and original DMG buttons, power switches and link port covers

one original green PCB ASM prosound mod, unknown condition

two black PCB ASM prosound mods, one unpopulated, one not working

one thursday customs SGB link, board spacers and screws

-one DMG-CPU-08 with an ASM prosound board fully installed, and a split power board (a portion of the power board on each side of the CPU board)
-one DMG-CPU-06 with no cartridge connector, a broken volume pot and a big chunk hacked out of one corner
-one DMG-CPU-02 that looks to be all original and complete

one Pelican brand wall wart power supply for GBC and MBG

one clear DMG battery cover of unknown provenance

one empty red cartridge shell (official, from Pokemon red - label is cleaned off)

one empty white cartridge shell (official, from some Japanese game)

one backlight, looks unused, with a yellow wire so probably yellow, of unknown provenance and model

one clear screen cover of unknown provenance


Possibly the best part is this Caboodles case full of tiny parts:

Battery contacts, PIL and kitsch-bent clear start/select buttons, d-pad and a/b rubbers in all colors, and screws, glorious screws! Case screws (tri-wing AND phillips), PCB screws, screen frame screws, cartridge screws, and a few other random similar screws.

plus some manuals and shit

and as I clean, I'll keep adding little stuff if I find it - chiptune stickers, maybe another button or two, who knows!

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Matthew Joseph Payne

and sorry - I will not test, research or provide additional details on anything. I'm not really set up for it anymore!


pm'ed about teh good stuff