Geneva, NY

RESULTS ARE IN!!!! Congrats to all who participated and to all who get to enjoy this killer compilation! THAT MEANS YOU.

1. ICH.BIN by Peter Swimm
2. One Thought by BLEO
2. Ice Cream (It's Gonna Be Alright) by Spoonicorn
3. ARISE by PaK-Zer0
3. T3n355H0rt2 by MattyBoJangles
4. BURN7N35 by XC3N
5. ume okaka by ovenrake
5. oozing out by flashbob
6. DirtY NeS Bazz (DNB) by Droid-On
6. hexamerica by pulselooper
7. teurntk9d by staRpauSe feat fleuRchilD
7. decade of regression by ovrthrustr
8. The Rape of the Natural World by My Cocuments
8. Essential Box by VCO Vault
9. cant grope your brain by DJ SHX   
9. HKM by MrWimmer
A. 6w_hr by d_strct

Stay tuned for a "mastered" version of this release.


Thanks to all the great compo artists who liked my track! You can stream it here if you are zip averse and cant wait for the bandcamp:

Los Angeles, CA

Congrats everybody!  This was a lot of fun smile

Geneva, NY

It's been lightly mastered to even out the overall volume and is now on Bandcamp: